Laser LGM

A picture of the LGM in the shop.


Class: Energy Gun

Maximum Damage: 350

Minimum Damage: 300

Ammo: 20

Shot Interval: 0.2 secs

Reload Time: 2.5 secs

Maximum Damage Per Second: 1750

Minimum Damage Per Second: 1500

Shots Per Second: 5 (1 sec)

Maximum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1750

Minimum Damage in Terms of Shots Per Second: 1500

Maximum Damage Per Clip: 7000

Minimum Damage Per Clip: 6000

Continous Fire Per Clip: 4 secs

Requirments (Before May 1, 2011): 4 Accuracy, 3 Strength

Requirments (Present): 5 Accuracy, 3 Strength, 1 Explosions

Cost (Before May 1, 2011): 24000 Coins & 300 Cash

Cost (Present): 30000 Coins & 30 Cash


The LGM fires streaks of yellow lasers, having each shot to be relatively high in damage and are slightly larger than the regular bullet used in most other guns.

The LGM, although having its shot interval to be considered low compared to most guns does quite some damage to balance it out. Although it has a relatively short clip, it also has a relatively quick reload time to balance it out as well. In other words, the LGM is weak in two areas, and strong in two areas as well, balancing them each other out, making it a rather balanced weapon.


Because the LGM is quite accurate and does high damage per shot, it is normally used under sniping
Laser LGM Combat

An LGM in continuous fire. The yellow streak in the green crosshair is one of the bullets fired from the LGM. Notice how accurate the LGM fires.

conditions, in which the user snipes off opponents from long range at the far end of a corner in any map. Sniping of an LGM would confuse the opponent as he/she is unaware where the bullets are spraying from and could be killed easily and quickly because of its high damage and accuracy.